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I can skim bed the receiver "legs" and that will give me something to keep busy on. Right now I need some 1/4-28 Stainless steel socket head cap screws X 1 1/2" long (Ordered). This will be the screw I use for the rear lug. Right now my rear lug is NOT tapped. I will wait until I have the screw in my hand to measure and machine a pillar.Since I can position it (pillar) where I want I will center the hole near the back side of the trigger groups slot. I will set the stock up in the mill and indicate it in then drill a 1/4" hole through. Once through I will insert the action into the stock and use a 1/4" transfer punch to transfer a mark on the rear lug where to drill and tap my 1/4-28 hole. Once this is done I can machine a pillar and put the stock back in the mill and counter-bore a pocket to accept my pillar. I will make the pillar from stainless steel and Devcon it in place flush with the surface the trigger group rests on.

This is how much space you have for a pillar~

Adding the thickness of the lug means I want a fastener 1 1/2" which I can shorten for clearance. I will drill the hole through the lug.

A side by side of what Devcon covers........

As received-

Mudded up with Devcon~

Looks different now~

My tooling arrived so back on topic~

I was held up by needing some stainless steel screws and a new 1/4-28 tap.Since I am taking a slight detour from completing the bedding ( I needed to remove the action to layout the rear lug position) and machine the correct hole and counter-bore in the stock I will complete these then finish my bedding. I like stainless steel hardware. Its virtually maintenance free and you really do not need to do much for it or to it. A note about stainless steels~ If a magnet sticks to it, it can stain or rust becasue it contains iron. 300 series stainless steels are non-magnetic, will not rust and will likely outlive any owner. Gun series stainless like 17-4 can be heat treated for additional strength at the trade off of corrosion resistance.

My 1/4-28 socket head cap screws are 300 series and non-magnetic. I also needed a new tap. I prefer OSG / Greenfield taps. Use good tooling for good results.

Now that I have the screws that will anchor my rear lug I can machine a pillar / bushing for it that mounts in the stock area under the trigger group.

The Bushing / Pillar machine~

And with the magic of time you get a new stainless steel bushing / pillar-

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