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I make the VA trip all the time from Cleveland ( GF ). Not a bad trip. I'd combine it with "other" to make the trip more enjoyable, not that it isn't a real gas to roam through the NS. Fishing on the big lake is sketchy at the moment, but if you drive a little further - first exit in Indiana, you'll be at the home of several darned good museums: The Auburn/Cord/Duesenburg Museum, the Nat. Auto and Truck Museum, and the Ford V8 Foundation and Museum. There's others, too. Much else to do between VA and "there" too. Heck, make the most of a road trip. Want to economize - rent a car for the weekend. Good weekender deals out there - arrange a rental through COSTCO or whatever. It's a good trip. Have the kid do a "what else is there to do" search. Road trip with the son is a gift to him in the future. I gladly get to look back at things I did with my dad back when he was alive.
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