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My experience is exactly the same as Arcane's. I pulled bullets from over 1300 rounds of AYR 28. I pulled the bullets because of the reports about blown primers; bullets corroded to cases & clumped, caked powder. 95% of the bullets pull easily. I used a Forster collet type & had to resort a kinetic puller for just 5 rounds. I found only 6 bullets with verdigris, all very minor; none were corroded to the point of cementing bullet & case together. About 30-40% of the cases have noticeable corrosion - discoloration - on the inside. I think the cases are safe to use, especially since they are berdan primed & likely to be used just once. I sold most of the cases, believing them to be corrosive. Now that they are proving otherwise, I'll shoot the rest.

About 400 cases had powder stick to the inside after they were dumped & tapped on the press. 98% of that was removed with a scraper (end of a powder spoon) Perhaps 50 rounds had minor clumping that did not come out with tapping; 98% came out with scraping Perhaps 30 rounds had major clumping/caking where less than 10 gr of powder would dump & it took scraping to remove the rest.

All the powder was dumped into a jar until about 12 ounces accumulated. This allowed it to dry a bit. It was then dumped into a jug & flowed freely. The powder has the faint, sweet smell of good powder. I shot some in a .223 with good results & accuracy. I wouldn't hesitate to use the powder; I think it will be fine.

I'm not sure what made the powder clump. Reports here speculate about moisture intruding into the case; improper storage (heat & damp), etc. with several examples of very deteriorated cases, bullets & powder.

The average weight was 52.5 gr of what looks to be 4895; I will reload the powder & bullets into both the AYR & boxer primed cases, working up from 50.0 gr. & testing for accuracy
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