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Originally Posted by hebes405 View Post
I think technically you do need a sling to complete. I believe the rules state it must be attached to the rifle during the offhand stage. I’d recommend starting with GI web sling. They can be found about anywhere and are under $20 for a nice one. I prefer nylon.

You will also need eye protection, it’s a new requirement for CMP 2020(I’m not very happy about it, neither is majority of the shooting community but apparently the shooters opinions/ concerns don’t matter to the CMP rules committee). Apologies for the opinionated ********ing and moaning but I figure the more they see it maybe they will start to listen

An empty chamber indicator is also required.

You will also need at least 2 clips. If you need som, PM me your address

Other than that the other equipment is nice to have but not necessary to compete . I started out with a bucket (to rest the rifle in offhand) and a shooting mat.

If you have never been to a rifle match, you may find the line commands strange and some the procedures a little confusing. There are lots of YouTube videos to watch and will help you prepare for the match. I believe in the how to section of the forum there are some good sources for a new competitor.

As mentioned a clinic would be a great start. If you decide you want to get more competitive, the Appleseed program is excellent instruction for the money and unlike the small arms firing school, they are offered almost all year round all over the country
Slings are not required (first sentence under 3.6). IF you use one on a carbine it must be attached to rifle at both ends (3.6.5). But for GSM matches they are not required. If left on the rifle during standing, they cannot be used to support the rifle, other than you can hold it while holding the rifle with your support hand (3.3.1 and 3.6.1)
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