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Default A little overdue Wilmington, NC

Should have done this earlier, I found this site on a recommendation from another one and have already gotten some great advice and made a couple of sales. I'll put down a little about me if anyone's wondering.

My grandfather ran a gunsmith's shop as a sideline from the 60's to the 80's. He's passed and I'm in his old house and thus have the shop as well. All the obviously working firearms passed to other relatives but I have a wealth of parts, parts guns, etc., plus the 1903 that he was building as a sporter for me.

I've put off for to long dealing with the shop, mostly from not knowing where to start. I'm a bit of a hunter and would like to be more 'into guns' than I have been mostly due to budget restraints.

I'm looking to rebuild some of the firearms that were parts guns and sell off/trade for some more.

A lot of the parts that I know what are came from CMP guns.
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