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Originally Posted by cmp1911admin View Post
Ok, here is the new scoop on 4A's and missing documents:

3. If ANYONE is found to have submitted more than one packet, both will be REJECTED. We have already had a few submit packets who put their first name and one in their middle name and because they were post marked too early were caught. Also in has come to our attention that on another forum it was discussed that if you sent in multiple packets it would increase your chances of getting at least one low number. If anyone is found doing this they will be banned from CMP and its activities.

4. If you have submitted more than one packet in an envelope than both packets will be rejected. As we will not make the decision on whose to keep and whose to reject as only one lottery number will be assigned to an envelope. (this includes envelopes, boxes, shipping containers, all types of contains used to mail an item).
I hope mine and my Dads were not sent to the reject pile because of #3.

I'm a JR, so same name as my father, except he now goes by his middle name (so the return label had his middle name), but we have the same full name on official documents. Also, I'm using the same address as him while I'm having my house built, to add to the confusion.

We did send them in separate envelopes, mailed on the 4th, so if the envelopes are opened then they would see it is two people that differ in age by 31 yrs.

Y'all definitely have your hands full. Thank you for your efforts, and making us happy with our ordered gifts over the years.
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