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jnespappa - good job! Out of curiousity how are the left sides of the receivers marked?

The sights, while boxed when delivered, are already used in my opinion...

Here's a pic of the first five shots at 10m (sitting, no sling/jacket, t-shirt and shorts, outdoors) out of one that I picked up from the SS a couple months ago - no adjustments, cleaning, or anything beyond adding the two stock inserts and just taking the sight out of the box (which was NOT on mechanical-zero for either windage or elevation) and locking it down - POA is the bottom of the center square, front sight already had a post insert installed when I picked out the rifle:

Next shot after coming up 30-clicks elevation, no windage adjustments:

I really love this rifle - it has become my favorite, almost-daily, practice tool. I wish the CMP would come up with a similar pistol offering...hint, hint

The above shots were done using some old Daisy Max Speed pellets that I had on hand - you should also look into the Vogel match pellets available from the CMP at a very fair price.

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