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Originally Posted by jayej2156 View Post
My venture in to Garands, & my M1A started about 4 years ago. I soon realized that without a capable gunsmith, & a fist full of dollars, I would have to learn how to maintain, & do some work on these beauties myself, which I have learned to enjoy, as my knowledge gets better, in very much in part to this forum. Just curious as to how long it took for others to acquire the needed tools, & confidence to work on your stuff.
What sort of "work" are you referring to?

As far as shooting them:
It's cleaning them (and MAYBE that one/billion chance you break something).
Both rifles are designed to be cleaned with simple tools.
There a couple, cheap, simple tools that make that easier but not required.

Are you talking about some version of inspecting them?
That isn't complicated either. Unless you want to open the can-o-worms that is called checking headspace. Then be prepared for all sorts of pages, upon pages of hate and discontent.

Swapping parts?
Down to the barreled receiver....... same thing.... just about all the parts can be taken off with simple hand tools.

But yes, I'd wager that more rifles are "broken" by playing with them or worse yet- correcting them, then actually shooting them.
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