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I do not know much about M1. I am learning every day. I am very familiar with the M16 because of my experience in the mil in the last 20 years.

But I know that the Air Force wanted to be a little diferent than other services so they worked on these to be the AF National Match equal to the Army. But not with all the original parts of the proper NM rifle.

But being Retired Air Force, I would love to have one. Just for a momento to the AF. The AF also had an M1 Grand for the Air Police (AP).

The Air Force still has some M1 Garands in service with the AF Honor Guard and some of thoes rifles are AFPG's.

Also, let your dad know that I said thank you for his service! From one Vet to another. Even though I am not a Marine, we still bleed the same and "Embrace The Suck" as brother in arms.

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