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Default M1A1 Paratrooper Value...

I came across what appears to be a legitimate M1A1 Paratrooper in a pawn shop. Stock wood is walnut with appropriate use and battle scars and appears correct with a "circled P" at the rear above the pistol grip attachment, an "IO" and "Crossed Cannons" visible at the bottom of the pistol grip. There are no rearsenal cartouches. It is a high wood stock cw the early first run. The metal is parked. The leather looks good and has rivets that look appropriate but are dull silver in color...don't know if it was replaced. There is an "II" stamped oiler. All the external hardware has the correct early components with appropriate stampings as listed in USCarbine30calM1. All the parked metal has a nice appropriate aged patina. The SN is 959XXX which puts it as late 1943. The barrel is a GM Inland of 1/44 which I thought was a little later than I would have thought for the assembly. Overall it looks exactly like I would have expected the paratroopers to have taken into France on D-Day. Any ideas of an approximate value and offer I should make for it? The asking price is 2.9K.

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