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Yes, all the casting numbers are there as I have seen elsewhere. My only confusion is the SN indicating an assembly of fall of 1943 and the barrel of 1/44 which doesn't make sense to me. But, I gather there is no good documentation of specific SN and production dates for the M1A1 and things could legitimately be off. The leather and rivets may have been replaced because I think it looks too good for its age and the rivets are a dull aluminum like color...I have seen them mostly darkened. I did not take any pics of it. But, I have a sense that this may be under priced and a good find. I may just need to take the plunge on this. I've seen a lot worse condition M1A1's with rearsenal markings and torn up or badly replaced leather and variable inappropriate rear sights and front bands selling for much more. The external parts appear to be appropriate for a first run late '43 build. I did not look at the internals.

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