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Originally Posted by PH68 View Post
There were 11 customers at opening and all racks were full. Most interested seemed to be 1903/M1917ís.

Armors today are Bobby, Ellyn and Ben.

UPDATE: I need to make a couple corrections to my AUCTION post from yesterday which I have also undated on my original post from yesterday. This very nice Daisy Air Rifle camouflage paint designed was designed by CMP employee MATT CARROLL and hand painted by him. ALL processes from the auction will be donated, 100%. Whoever posted this information to Facebook, great idea, please send me a PM so I can ensure you got the updated information. There has been NO bids since my first post yesterday!!! You guys need to knock the dust off your wallets and let the moths out and DONATE to this great cause....

M1917, 7, mix of Eddystone and Remington, didnít see any WRAís.

1903, 10.

SA SG 11/ FG 11

WRA SG 8/ FG 11.

IHC SG 3/ FG 3.

CMP Specials, 5.

Other rifles remain about the same.

Good luck on your searches.

How much were the M1917 rifles?
Thanks Jim

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