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Today my son Travis and I had the honor to meet in person Mr. Charlie Brown.

Mr Brown helped my son and I with invaluable information on which of several M1 we were looking at that would be a good purchase. With his help we decided on a very nice '42 WRA with several WRA parts including a bolt and a slant uncut op-rod. The stock is a nice USGI with some grunge that is hiding a beautiful pattern that will look excellent when cleaned up.

The M1 was also Tom approved. Can't beat that! Two of the most knowledgeable M1 experts giving an M1 their approval!

A while back Mr Brown also helped Travis and I with some suggestions on the CMP AMC, (that we completed this week), that really helped us get the most out of the class.

In conversation with Mr Brown I mentioned that Travis's birthday was a few days ago and Mr Brown presented him with beautiful knife that he had engraved a M1 on the blade. Beautiful! He gave me an awesome M1 Garand coffee cup.

Mr. Brown, you sir, are truly a class act. Thank you for spending time with us.

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