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Originally Posted by Flypa38 View Post
Hi, all! I have some questions on the old style nickel plated brass cleaning kit and stowage of it. May have asked this already, but couldn't remember if I asked here or on a facebook group. Didn't really get a solid answer either way.

I've been having trouble finding an original bore brush for the pull-through that will fit inside the plated brass oiler. I bought a bunch of unissued ones hoping they'd be the right length. All have been about a half inch too long. I finally found one with a pull through and when it arrived it was steel with a nylon brush. Is that what would have been in there? I was thinking it would be brass with brass bristles. Any tips on where to find the right one?

Secondly, where in the stock does the "mustache brush" go? Doesn't really seem to fit well anywhere!

Finally, what kind of oil would have been kept in the oiler? Is there a modern equivalent available?

I am thinking that the mustache brush doesn't go anywhere in the stock, but rather that pouch that is in one of your illustrations. That is kind of a guess, mind you.
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