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About $100M in $1-2M homes burnt overnight about 2 miles from my place. The fire has stopped about 1/2 mile away and holding. The Hilton hotel at Fountaingrove burned to the ground and no firemen around. There is a giant fiasco in the making. The entire city of Santa Rosa is practically surrounded by flames and they have enough firemen for about 1/20 of it. The officials are busy telling everyone what a great job they are doing, a sure sign that they screwed up royally. It is now almost 2PM and I have not heard or seen a single borate plane all day. The company that does the firefighting is located 5 miles n/o town. The city of Rohnert Park is partially on fire as is Sonoma, Napa and Calistoga. The fire organizations are saying "We are spending our efforts on saving lives not property." meaning we haven't got a chance of stopping this thing. I think that there is more to this story than is being related. There are several different fires at different locations and 50 mph winds spread it over 20K acres. If the wind comes up again tonight the rest of the county will probably go up in flames.
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