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I went this morning, there's pry 20 or so 1903A3's left, maybe 4 left with "good bore" after we took 2 home. We got the two with "VFW" carved into the left side, I'm sure many of you passed on. After an absurd amount of Hoppes and patches the bores are absolutely perfect and the muzzle is still well under "1", not sure about the throat. I assume it's still good, the tag is marked .5/1 MW/TE. I don't mind the carved letters, it gives them character and a hint to its history. Plus, I shoot them in the matches frequently so I generally like the ones that aren't perfect.

The "dark bore" rifles are REALLY dark. I'd be surprised if any of the rifles with decent bores would be there by the weekend, if you could be there at open the first day, you'd pry get one. If you're looking for a collector 03A3, you won't find it. They have no more rifles to restock, what is out is it.

If you'll spend $2,000 or $3,000 for a correct or collector grade, there were some great rifles in my opinion, but I'm not necessarily as finicky as more advanced collectors. I found a few service grade C's with matching mounts today while waiting for paperwork.

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