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Originally Posted by lesssparks View Post

I am new to Garands. I received my first one from CMP in October, a service grade Springfield. I am interested in any information you can give me about this rifle. I looked up the date of the serial number, 407356, and found the receiver was made in the middle of December 1941. The barrel is dated 7-45. The rest of the parts appear to be a mix of later dates. The main question I have is what does the electric pen marking on the side of the receiver mean? It appears to be "S ? 11-67". I assume this means it was reworked in November 1967. Is the first part recognizable? I think the first letter is an S, but I cannot make out the second letter. Also, what does "REP 18A" mean?

Photos can be seen at the links below.

Thanks for the help.
I think that is a SA 11-67. Bad job by the guy doing it. Also think that the 7-45 barrel was put on in 1967.

REP 18A is the heat lot for the receiver when it was made in Dec 41.
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