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Default Saturday Opening Report

There were 10 customers at opening and racks were almost full, 56 of the possible 66 rifles were present. My report and numbers may be off a little due to customers activity at opening.

Armors today are Bobby and Matthew.

WRA SG, 13, several WIN13’s and several WRA’s with WRA barrels, good selection this morning. SA NFR cartouche stock and a DAS stock were present.

M1C SA SG, 4, two with matching serial numbers on scope mounts, #3531278 and #3601804, all very nice...


CMP Specials, 36

Daisy air rifles, 2, additional are available and very nice..

It was a good morning for me visiting with customers, to include my buddies Paul and Rob30.06. Rob purchased a nice WRA with WRA barrel, in addition to helping new customers find what they were looking for!!! There were a lot of happy and excited customers this morning who found what they were looking for this morning!!! Congratulations to them all..

Good luck on your searches.

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