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Originally Posted by John Beard View Post
Thanks for your interest and inquiry!

And thanks for your patronage!

Your rifle, Springfield Armory S/N 836521 with Sedgley USMC/7-41 dated barrel, was one of sixteen M1903 rifles that I inspected at the CMP on 30 May 2019. According to my notes, your rifle was fitted a Sedgley USMC 7-41 dated barrel, a serialized (non-matching) USMC bolt marked "B 2" atop the handle, a USMC Hatcher Hole in the receiver ring, a Springfield Armory 1942-production scant stock, a matching Springfield Armory handguard like those shipped to the USMC in 1942, and a USMC stippled buttplate. The stock exhibited the boxed RIA/FK inspection stamp of Rock Island Arsenal inspection foreman Frank Krack, indicating that your rifle was one of those shipped from the USMC to Rock Island Arsenal for overhaul circa 1944. Most notably, your rifle was in absolutely splendid condition.

In summary, your rifle was USMC-issue from muzzle to buttplate.

I show no record of having inspected SA S/N 1468693.

Thanks again for your interest and inquiry! And thanks again for your patronage!

I picked up RIA 353188 with RIA 9-18 bbl on Saturday and the stock sounds like the same as above - excellent condition scant with S in cutoff, boxed RIA/FK and a stippled buttplate. It also has a scalloped, semi-circular cutout for the bolt handle on the right side. Otherwise the rifle is lacking any of the Marine features identified above.
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