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I've shot at your matches previous years with the evil "furren" "other rifle" K-31. I plan on attending the matches this year and I'm bringing friends. Do we pre-register on the GRRC site? My wife and brother in-law are interested in the clinic. Probably would'nt hurt me any either but I don't want to fill a slot that could be taken by a new shooter. Also, what sniper rifles are available and what is the ammo cost? I also have 2-3 suitable as issued vintage mil. rifles available for other shooters to use. M39 finn, m91-30 both with ammo at $4/20 and a Swiss Gew 11 or K-31 (depending on which one I shoot) that may be fired with Swiss mil. GP11 or PRVI commercial ammo supplied by shooter. All of these rifles are accurate enough to be competetive if the shooter does his/her part.

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