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Wow that came across as rather derogatory. I'm sure you did not mean it to be as insulting as it sounded.. Unless you know exactly every aspect of how they run their organization. What is the saying.. "Don't bite the hand that gives you M1s"?? Something like that.

I will assume it was not meant as it sounded.... I believe they have various people shipping/processing orders. One stack on one desk and another with someone else. One person may have mostly in stock SG orders randomly which may get filled quicker. The other desk is filled with orders of out of stock field grades or orders with missing info, credit card numbers that won't process and need follow up emails, vacation time... This may cause orders received earlier to take much longer on desk B...

Lots going on and this is just a guess based on what I've read in the past.

End result is wow CMP thanks for enabling the average Joe to get such sweet rifles at a great price!!! I'm just happy to get one... Or 12.

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