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Originally Posted by rob30-06 View Post
The stock looks to be a Springfield. It may be the stock that was on it when it went thru rebuild in 1963.
Is the stock bedded where the trigger group tightens up on it?

Yes the stock is bedded. It had dots of epoxy on the stock all around the area of the trigger group. I could not figure out how the dots got on the stock until I removed the trigger group. I could then see the dots were bedding compound. I tried to get as many of the dots off as possible. There are still a few small spots visible on each side.

The trigger group locked up the receiver to the stock nicely when I received the rifle. The tension is almost too great with the milled trigger guard installed - of course I do not know what "too great" is for a Garand. The finish on the milled trigger guard is not very good, but the pins have almost no wear on them. The stamped trigger guard has some wear on the pins.
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