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Question Can you help me improve NM Collector Software?

It's time to plan my next release of NM Collector Software and I am looking for suggestions.

One of the biggest things I plan to work on is the whole Clear, Revert, Keep and Write buttons strategy. I took that approach based on feedback from users of my old NM Gun Collector software. That package automatically saved every change that was made. Well, I had people complain that changes they did not intend to make were saved. They wanted some way to prevent that from happening. So, I came with the current approach used in NM Collector Software.

Of course, some people love it while others hate it. I'm beginning to think I may have been better off with the old approach. So, in my next release, I am going to revisit how and when data is saved to disk. I'm thinking of making the current approach an option that people can use if they like it or not use if they don't like it. I'm thinking the default should be to automatically save the data when it is changed and skip the whole Clear, Revert, Keep and Write approach.

What do you think?

Please send me your thoughts on this and any other suggestions you might have.

Clay Pryor LLC
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