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Not at a match, but I shot this with my M1 Special with a new Criterion barrel I had just installed and Creedmoor Match ammo a few weeks ago at the TMP. After the second shot I came down one click on the rear sight. This was prone slow fire with coat and sling. I knew I threw shot # 8 to the left, almost out of the 10 ring. The Creedmoor ammo is like a laser beam.

I think I may have shot a 100-8x with my No. 4 Enfield at 200, but will have to look for the photo. That was with 174 gr SMK handloads.

None of it counts, since itís not at a CMP Match. But, that would be something to work towards. But, wonít help my standing scores any!

I bet someone has done it.
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