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I've often wondered the same thing.
Hindsight being 20/20 as it is, I've also wondered "what if" on some of my own shooting, one instance in particular.... When I was in the NCARNG, I was OIC of our battalion rifle team as a young 1Lt. We shot "M16 Combat Rifle" which was pretty much a modified high power course. The first stage though was 100 yds rapid fire standing.
Military matches, or at least these, we're 5 points per shot, 50 points/stage, and X's were V's.
In 1992, at the state AG's match, my guys, and this fresh out of college Lt, partied a bit on Friday night...Heavy Engineer unit, go figure.. (Individual match was Saturday, team match on Sunday). I stepped to the 100yd line on Saturday morning with a raging headache and a queasy stomach. The NC State record at the time was 50-7V. I shot a 50-5V. Our team tea-totaller coach and spotter, a fine E6, couldn't believe it, lol, and actually requested a recheck of the target.
I ended the day as the state champion at 100 and 300yds and finished 3rd overal in the state. We won the team match on Sunday, earning us a trip to the Winston P Wilson matches that year.

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