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South Store -Friday opening report/New Stock/SA FG


There were three customers at opening and racks were almost full, 70 of possible 75 rifles.

NEW: SA FG, 6, 630.00, group had low serial numbers, 360xxx,861xxx,200xxx,316xxx and about half had replacement SA WWII barrels. No cartouches

SC 1903a3, 11, condition fair to very good. All had SC barrels and about half had SC stocks.

NO Post war Collector grades remaining.


IHC FG, 14, didn’t see any IHC stocks

SA 6 million, 2

Other rifles remain about the same.

Good luck on your searches. [/I][/I][/I]
The above was posted on the South Store Forum
When was the last time that the North Store had a posting like this??
Every day they are open there are nice rifle selections in the racks.
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