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Originally Posted by ceresco View Post
Picked up 1000 rnds of Venezuelan 91 Cavim 7.62mm at an auction for $.15 each last week. Looks great. Had some years ago, but can't recall much except it was Boxer primed. Well....I tried it today at a local GSVM match using my M1A supermatch. The sighters made a "group" of 12-14 inches at 200 yds. The M1A went back in the case and I shot my 1917 without any sighters in that relay. It is hard to believe that any mil ammo outside of the Iron Curtain (remember that??) could be that bad, but it wasn't me or the rifle. I will try the Cavim in some other rifles, but am not optimistic. Anyone having experience with this ammo, please comment. BTW.. some years ago I was told by an experienced service rifle competitor that the South African 7.62 was good stuff. Of course, today I was told it wasn't. FWIW..... Good Shooting. ...
That stuff shot like crap when it was widely available. I am sure it is not any better now. One of the few 7.62x51 types that I ALWAYS stay away from.
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