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Can't help with the serial number dating, but here's an excerpt from my copy of N. Stroebel's "Old Rifle Scopes":

Designed in 1937, the famous 0.875 (7/8)-inch-tube Lyman Alaskan hunting scope first was catalogued in 1939. Until the early 1940s, Alaskans had exposed adjustments with the point markings clearly marked in white. By 1944, Alaskans were being offered in the "All Weather" configuration, with weatherproof caps on the adjustment screws and patented, moisture-proof internal adjustments. Starting in 1953, a Fixed Alaskan was offered that required the use of the then-popular windage and elevation adjustable mounts. The standard reticle was the No. 1 blunt post and crosswire. Options [sic] reticles included: blunt post, sharp post and crosswire, sharp post, tapered post and crosswire, and crosswire. The Lee Dot was available starting in the mid-1950s. The Alaskan, both standard and fixed, is last listed as available in the 1957 Gun Digest.
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