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Originally Posted by achancesw View Post
I inherited one.

Long story short, my dad bought it surplus in the 80s, in rough shape. In the 90s he sent it off somewhere who restored it. They replaced the stock and I think the barrel

Thats all I know about.

I need a sling to compete? Where do I get one?

I would also like to buy more clips.

Is there anything I need to know to be able to shoot?
Where are you located? Hopefully you'll have a CMP affiliated club nearby and they offer new shooter clinics. I would not suggest going to a match until you've done a clinic so that you know what to expect at a match. The match will be no fun if you don't know all the procedures. As far as material, you should be able to find anything on the forums. You don't have to have a sling, but it will help with prone and sitting. You can have the sling on during standing if you want, but it can't be used to support your hold. You can get a pdf copy of the Games rule book from the CMP website.
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