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You will need a sling, some sort of monocular/binoculars/spotting scope and mat to lay on. A shooting coat with shoulder pad would be nice, but a 'sissy pad' is ok. You will need something to hold your gear on your way to the firing line. Bug dope. Rain gear. Water. Food of some sort. Sight black. Use grease for lubrication, but not much or you won't be able to see through your glasses. Don't take your rifle out of the stock any more than absolutely necessary, or you will put wear on the clamping system and the wood, and your rifle will shoot worse.

The US Army has put out several guides for rifle shooting, and you would to well to look at several. The only one I could find quickly was this one:
You would do well to test yourself to see which is your dominant eye.

If you shoot corrosive primed ammo, you will have to clean your rifle with water-based solvents before oiling it up. You need to be careful to pick ammo which has a pressure curve that will not over-power the gas system, and also ammo which is suitable for the range you will shoot at. If you are going to shoot a 200/300/600 yard match, you need bullets in the 165/168 gr weight class, because anything less will go subsonic before it reaches the target at 600, and groups will go huge. If you are shooting a 100 or 200 yard match, you can get away with bullets as light at 125gr.

Get some clips. Get good ones or your rifle will not work. I believe the Chinese are making them, and they are trash. The clips never wear out, but you will lose them.
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