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Bob dropped by yesterday and gave me something to look at; a company scrap book, I guess is what I'd call it. The book contains aviation magazines that have stories about the company he flew all over the world for finding and buying planes.
Since it is in a complicated looking binder I did try to take them apart and just shot pics of the issues and planes in them. The publications are; War Birds, Fly Past, Air Classics and Sport Aviation. Some of you might be familiar with them. Most were printed in the 1994-1998 era.

First pic is the emblem that had to be changed to make the Coast Guard happy on the Albatross. It was changed to the Amjet logo.

Back page of the company mag, Warbirds.

The crew of the Albatross:

Amjet's Fairey Gannet:

While Bob ponders the next plane to cover, I'll go shoot some more pics from the scrap book and post them here. Enjoy.

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