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On your trigger pull, find where the sear engages the bolt. A little careful work with a dremel and a buffing wheel will help make it more consistent. Also thoroughly de-grease the trigger group and disassembled bolt, then re-lube with a little moly or CLP.

They are neat rifles. The rear tang screw tends to work loose, use some removable Loctite here. The screw in front of the magazine can also use this. Check your top handguard for slop. If it moves around, some shaved match sticks or playing card piece shims here will improve accuracy.

They also tend to shoot high. Fortunately, a finishing nail and a small dot of solder is a good fit for the front sight post. Start high (will shoot low) and file to zero with your loads.

As above, they have a kick like cheap vodka, you're best to stick with 150 grain loads. If you reload, the 123 grain "SKS" bullets shoot well in these to 300m with less recoil than 150 or heavier.
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