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Originally Posted by ZvenoMan View Post
You would be wise to google sticky bolt. A slick bolt is not related to the issue.

I have a dozen or so Mosin Nagants, some are immune, most are not. Know the common causes and contributing factors and be ready to experience it.
Most agree that it is ammo related but ammo that sticks in one may not in another.
Most agree that brass ammo is the only 100% solution. But the problem is not fatal, so the bolt sticks.....


Lots of wisdom here.

Ammo is the chief cause of sticky bolt syndrome, or at least that's been my experience too. Again, as I wrote in my above post, make sure the rifle is really clean, and with use the problems seem to fade.

A lot of the Czech, Russian, and Bulgarian surplus ammo is copper washed steel cased, and I've had much better luck with that regarding sticky bolts than I have had with commercial that is lacquer or polymer coated. The downside is that it is corrosive, so a complete disassembly and cleaning with hot water and Hoppes or similar is in order.

Surplus was a deal at 12 per round, and I put up with the cleaning due to cost savings with commercial being 50 or 60 per round, even higher at times. But, with the surplus ammo gone from easy availability, the last time I checked it was selling for over 25 a round.

Commercial is non corrosive, but the coating on the steel cases will start to stick in a hot chamber. I've experienced this with Wolf, Tula, and all of the Bears. The straight short throw of the Mosin Nagant bolt also complicates the problem.

Don't get discouraged if it happens. With use it will "loosen" up and eventually all but go away.
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