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Originally Posted by 24z1 View Post
RickRandR; Just had the same problem! Bought two plastic ammo cans when they first listed by CMP. On the 12th round thru my sons new Mossberg MVP Patrol rifle the case ruptured and blew off the extractor. I just marked it up to a bad case. Yesterday on the 3rd out of my Rem 700 the case rupture. Based on 2 ruptured cases in 15 rounds I decided to see if CMP forums had reported any Atomic ammo problems. Did CMP have any response?
Ominous silence.

It is the manufacturer's responsibility to fix defects, not the retailer's. You might try contacting Atomic. Good luck.

Coupled with the disclaimer on Atomic's site about "accelerated wear," and the multiple reports of blowups, I would just ditch the stuff. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.
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