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Default 14.5 to 15.0 a Good Range

Hi Guys,

Been a while. Dialup with an ancient computer.

I am happy sticking to WW296 loads in the 14.5 grains minimum to 15.0 grains maximum loadings with 110 FMJ RN. I think that range stays within the safest recommendations.

I note that your 14.5 grains loading picks up 42fps over the 14.0 grains loading. The 14.5 grains loading is closer to the USGI velocity. I would stick with the 14.5 grains.

As to primers, standard small rifle versus magnum small rifle, Speer does in fact still recommend magnum in their loading data with WW296/H110. The other manual publishers are happy with standard small rifle primers. Between the two, using WW296/H110, it probably makes minimal difference until you are out in the very cold of winter. With a full charge of WW296, I have never had ignition problems with standard small rifle primers.

The thing to avoid is substituting small PISTOL primers just because you have them in stock. A better reloading practice is to stick to small rifle primers in a small rifle cartridge. It may seem obvious, but it comes up sometimes. The main differences are that the small rifle primer has a hotter flame and a stronger primer cup material, both of which you want for .30 Carbine reloads.

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