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Alright, cleaned up as best I could without losing the gist of the point/counter-point, which ironically are the same and support each other, i.e.--the NATO brass is heavier because it is often thicker (NOT wider), particularly near the base. Also confirms the exterior dimensions of each cartridge are the same. As clearly noted, it is the length of the chambers that can differ.
Words were getting in the way of the message.

I've modified the OP to clarify the exterior dimension point, and worked with Norman to actually post the dimensions themselves so they are right there for everyone to see/reference.

For supplementary info, when I get a chance, I will pull down a NATO cartridge and a SAAMI cartridge (each from the same respective lot), then fire another one of each from the same rifle, then cut the brass in half of all 4to compare and demonstrate graphically the similarities as well as the difference in thickness.
If someone already has that, away.

And please note that any further posts that are purely subjective speculation and/or derailing the thread will be deleted.

Thanks for your support.
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