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Originally Posted by johnfg View Post
Still some things about headspace that I don't understand. The fired cases from both my Winchester model 70, and my son's Ruger American are virtually the same. Headspace measures 1.621, which is less than the minimum (as I read and look at it) on the Saami drawings. Saami shows on the cartridge drawing: 1.634-.007. Even brand new Remington brass measures a headspace of 1.620! Please help me to understand when comparing the drawings and the specifications, to the actual headspace. Regardless of the drawings, I've been setting the headspace back about .002.

Thanks for any help and/or explanations.
Very tight for a 308 WIN chamber, most are min 1.630 and ammo at 1.628. I would try a go gage 1.630 and see if it chambers. If it does I would double check how you are measuring it . Have fun and be safe
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