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Originally Posted by Craftsman View Post
This!! I have mine sitting next to my original NOS lottery M84 which has a perfect blued finish. There is no question the tube on repro M84 is painted. Looks nice, and if it works as it should, for $200, painted, it's a bargain!
The irony is that there is a very nice blued finish under the paint.
I think they did it because the ocular/objective bells didn't blue as well, but the blue finish, IMO, is fine due to the fact that the sunshade and eyeshade pretty much hide the bells.
Your decision. If you use epoxy finish remover, the paint will just bubble off.
For sh*ts n' giggles, I stripped one down (both paint and bluing) and had it reblued and the scope finish looks like the real thing. I'll post pics.
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