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I'm one of those guys mentioned here who has been around firearms, hunting, and shooting now for over 50 years and in some ways wasn't even aware of the CMP, the competitions, etc., and have just started to shoot a bit with a club and am beginning to learn. Better late than never and although I'm enjoying it tremendously, your comments here about the steep learning curve going from sighting in a rifle on the bench and then going hunting to now shooting several rounds, offhand at say 200 yards is spot on. I've met some wonderful folks at the club who invited me to shoot and I'm scouring the threads here to learn from you guys. I truly thank you and genuinely appreciate your help and insight. I do want to give a shout out to Howard "HR" Funk for his excellent videos and his willingness to answer my questions to him on his YT channel. I wish everyone a spectacular 2018. Best wishes and good shooting.

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