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Originally Posted by BRMPCF50 View Post
Finnish ammunition (designated 7.62x53):
"S" - 170 gr flat base similar to Russian "heavy ball"
D46 - 170 gr step boat tail, 2530 fps
D166 - primarily heavy machine gun, .310 200 gr step boat tail, 2300 fps

Lapua still manufactures the D46, .309 170 gr step boat tail (and the D166).

The Finnish rifles are certainly an interesting lot... The Finns made good use of rifles and receivers obtained from the Russian revolution, Russian Civil War, left by the WWI Allied Expeditionary Force, and purchased from other nations.

The Finn Civil Guard rebuilds, M91/24 had a bore diameter of .3095 (.0005 smaller than Russian standard diameter). The bore diameter of Finn rifles remained .3095 through 1928.

The M1928/30 model had a bore diameter of .3082.

The M1939 increased bore diameter to .310 for compatibility with the Finnish D166, and with Soviet ammunition captured in various border skirmishes and the 1939 "Winter War" with Soviet Russia.

During the Finn-Soviet "Continuation War" (1940-44) the Finns returned to .3095 bore diameter with their M91 and M91/30 rifles (mostly rebuilt captured Soviet) and captured Soviet ammunition.

A good book on their variations is: Bowser,Doug: Rifles of the White Death, 1998, Camellia City Publications.

I have a first year production M91 with Russian imperial crest on receiver (91 on tang and 1893 on receiver); Austrian capture (and reissue) marks, Italian mark, Finnish marks and Finnish modified stock forearm. I surmise captured by Austria in WWI, war reparations to Italy, sold to Finland. Also have Remington and Westinghouse M91s, Imperial crest, US marks, Finnish marks. Maybe Anglo-American Expeditionary Force (AEF North Russia) and "left" with anti-Red White Russian or Finnish forces when the AAEF departed the port of Archangel during the Russian Civil War.
Just a point of clarification..D166 became the standard issue round for all weapons during WW2 until it was finally retired in the 80's (?)

The M39 was throated for the D166 (the ogive is farther forward than the other rounds) and all other Finn rifles that came in for work were also reamed for the D166 then stamped with a "D" on the chamber to denote the modification.
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