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Originally Posted by rteague77 View Post
I'm new to the CMP and civilian shooting, I have been shooting combat Rifle and Pistol matches in the Army for a while now but just transitioned over to the Service Rifle. Found a few ranges and clubs that host matches that I know I can shoot. But I don't know what other matches I can shoot in or should be shooting in with a Service Rifle. Trying to prepare myself as best as I can for JULY, intentions are to go to Camp Perry and shoot in the Presidents 100 match and the National Trophy Match.

I know about the EIC Matches and the 800/1000 agg matches. What else is there?

And what is the CMP CUP?

any help would be grateful!

Russell, where are you located?

CMP cup matches are just regular high power matches like the the regular 800/1000 agg matches you mentioned. They are just held on a larger scale by CMP at their travel games and prior to the national matches @ Perry.

Look for reduced course high power matches in your area. These will be fired from one distance for all stages but the targets will reduce scoring ring sizes as stages progress (prone stages) to simulate 300 and 600 yards. The aiming black remains roughly the same size.

If you are new I wouldn’t be afraid to find a CMP games match near you either to attend. Tell them you are new and just want to get some experience. The course of fire will be reversed and all stages fired on the same target. The target is generous for a service rifle for Prone stages.

You can also fire in NRA mid range prone matches. These will either be fired all from 600 yards (commonly referred to as a 3X600) or the real mid range course used, 300, 500, 600 yards. 20 shots + sighting shots at each yard line. You will fire on 600 yard reduced targets for the closer distances (MR63, MR65)

Hope that helps you out.
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