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Default Non-import marked Fazakerley No4 mk 1

EDIT: I have done more research and there is good evidence that the "ENGLAND" stamp on the receiver is either an export or pre-1968 import mark. Still a great rifle but don't want to bill it as something it isn't. Enfield markings continue to mystify and enthrall me, good opportunity to learn more though!

I got a 1944 NON-import marked no4 mk1 enfield. This one is a likely vet of WW2 as it was produced in Britain in late WW2. I was originally planning on selling this without a second thought because I didn't love my last no.4 which was a beautiful long branch but when I took it to my "range" (see: clear cut) today and damn near fell in love with it. The weight is fabulous, The bore is clean, The action is the best I've felt on an enfield, the bullets go where I want them every time, the micrometer sight works beautifully. This is the type of gun that makes me hate being a broke med student because I want to own them all. I legitimately have nothing bad to say about this rifle, and I am pretty dang picky when it comes to enfields.

Alas I could use the money for other projects I am working on during my gunsmithing apprenticeship. I would love to see it go to someone who would love it like it deserves. This would make a great addition to any WW2 collection and with the micrometer sight would make an awesome hunting rifle. I would prefer cash at the moment but could be tempted towards a trade for a WW1 vintage SMLE with volley sights.

Asking $550 plus shipping from my FFL ($50 CONUS if I remember correctly).

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