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Thanks, yea I am in the Mayesville area so we are practically neighbors. I am hoping for a Garand and 1903 now that I have seen Tomís reports. Google is saying about a 2hr Drive . I figure we will make a little better time if itís not pouring down rain.

Originally Posted by newageroman View Post
Good luck tomorrow.
I doubt there will be any carbines there, but plenty of garands.
I'm also from Huntsville (Ryland Pike) and suggest the 431 route through Guntersville/Gadsden/rainbow city much better drive than staring at 4 lane all day.

If you want to shoot it with some local (HSV) milsurp folks, let me know by PM. I often go to skyline or Big Springs. I don't currently have a garand, but will head down to dega to get another one sometime this summer.
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