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Default found a beatiful 03a3

I can't really say why I want an 03a3 other than well....I just think its a cool piece to have. The 'ol bolt guns just draw me in. What makes the a3 stand out of course is the sights.

I've been waiting for the right one to come up....tight barrel, scant stock, "big" trigger guard (winter trigger guard?). Kind of an odd combination to find.

Would you believe I found theee rifle locally?

Price is 750. And guess who just dropped a couple "bills" on a .22 upper for my service rifle? This guy I have two really nice (and accurate) milsurps that are chambered in weird calibers and reloadable brass is costing me my retirement LOL. Should I sell them to fund this purchase for a common caliber with full length sights? Very tempting. Someone talk me out of this!


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