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Default LC 30 Carbine 1954 in can

I need some advice. I purchased a Carbine with some ammo. Most of it is current 30 ammo, however there is also a ammo can from 1954 in really clean condition with five green bandelaro belts (marked BAKER LOCKWOOD November 1954) and match the lot number on the ammo can LC Lot 13871 10RD Clips 30 CAL M1 BALL.
I opened up a couple of the packs and it is very clean and all are all on stripper clips with the guide to attach to the mag.
I really don't need all of the ammo and I think I can sell this Lake City to help buy another Carbine or just sell to a collector.

I can't find any that have sold recently to price it out per round.

Thank you for any help.
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