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Default 1903/1903A3 Barrel Question

After the feedback from my previous post on which barrel to mate to which rifle, I wanted to ask about the difference between the front sight machining on the 1903 and 1903A3 barrels. My understanding has been the 1903 front sight base rides over a stud that is machined from the barrel itself, while the 1903A3 has a central groove machined into it running towards the muzzle along with two cross grooves that the front sight base is attached to. I had purchased that HS 10-44 barrel with the grooves machined into it thinking it was an A3 barrel (and because it was listed for sale as an A3/A4) but based on the previous posts feedback and the measurements of the barrel at the receiver it would seem to be made for a 1903.

Here is a pic of the A3 grooves Iím referring to:
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