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All M1903 barrels had an integral spline machined in the barrel at the muzzle for the front sight. Almost all M'03-A3 barrels had a groove machined in the barrel as depicted in your picture and a key was inserted in the groove. The height and width of the key were the same as the M1903 barrel spline. So front sight interchangeability was maintained. And incidentally, the groove and key were quicker, easier, and less expensive to machine than the integral spline.

All HS barrels were originally manufactured for the M1903 rifle, not the M'03-A3. So the breech end was machined for the M1903 rear sight fixed base. But HS didn't manufacture or install the rear sight fixed base (or the front sight either, for that matter). So some HS barrels eventually "escaped" with no fitted M1903 rear sight fixed base. And you apparently have one of those.

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