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Default European M1 Garands ruined by "gunsmith" & sold by Marstar Canada

Sorry about the delete.. here's a more informative version of my previous post

The Type 2 M1's were put together in germany using danish receivers, commercial barrels, sold in Canada for $1600+. There are complaints of improperly indexed barrels, welded & ground bolt lugs, etc.

Assembled by:

German Import Mark:

The gunsmith brags on his own website he built 120 rifles in 26 hours, (about 13 minutes per rifle)... then in an attempt to shift blame, (in a letter which was recently posted to CGN), he claims that he in fact did not assemble them. pictures of the assembly and his workspace from his site are listed below.

Marstar's owner is now insulting CGN users and not addressing the obvious safety problems. they are reselling the rifles that have been returned for being unsafe!

Distributor advertisement:

Original thread from CGN:

now at 55 pages!!

Here's an extract from one post, it's telling:
…these are not Tipo 2 rifles. … there are certainly Tipo 2 modified components (i.e. op rod, stocks) … civilian produced barrels… receivers are Danish contract rifles. ….

With regards to the barrel. Zero government markings (only civil CIL N laser engraved proofing) and highly questionable geometry and manufacturing quality. In this example, the barrel was under-indexed and incorrectly finished reamed on a lathe, resulting in an off –axis, and heavily scored (on one side of the chamber) chamber. … The barrel threads are cut not in line with bore axis resulting in a barrel, that when matted to the receiver, has a .050” gap along the top where it doesn’t even touch the receiver. The barrel has a definite droop that is visible to the naked eye. I suspect the barrels were finish reamed as a group to save time during assembly. I also suspect they finished them before realizing they were all over-headspaced.

The bolt was modified in order to try to compensate for the over headspace condition created by incorrect chamber finishing. By welding the rear face of each lug and grinding the front face of each, the assembler attempted to move the enire bolt forward in the action in order to bring it back into spec. this explains why some bolts have also been ground around the forward area (in order to fit inside of the chamber ring). A standard, unmodified bolt would show excessive and dangerous over-headspace, however welded and modified lugs could potentially be a grenade. On the example inspected, the RH lug was also not ground in a matting angle to the receiver. It was rounded leading to a condition whereby it would have at best, 15-20 locking surface. BTW, anything below 80% was considered to be a reject by USGI standards. The new locking face is of an unknown hardness and the steel is discoloured (extreme heat from welding) in the forward area immediately adjacent to the lugs. The extractor is similarly discoloured indicating it was left in the bolt when it was welded and ground. This annealing also weakens the bolt lugs and could, over a relatively few amount of rounds, allow the headspace to expand as the lugs are peened from recoil (that is if they don’t shear off beforehand)."

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