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Distributor Photos:

Description: (misrepresentations in bold, admissions underlined)
Marstar has sourced a very limited quantity of these rifles, less than 200, so it is “first come, first served’.
Take a moment to research this model. We have Garand’s by Beretta and a few by Breda.

In the early 1970s, the Italian arsenal at Terni created the model T2, where they shortened the chamber of the original American 30-06 barrels by 12 mm ( 1/2”) to accommodate 7.62 NATO ammunition. Making this model shorter than the original M1 Garand by approximately 1/2”, its op rod and hand guards are also shorter.

These Garands are collectibles, and are NOT to be confused with inferior commercial conversions. These are the “real thing”: genuine Italian military, and they are seldom seen on the market as most were destroyed years ago. This lot was in storage for over 50 years.

All markings are correct and are intact
• Beautiful stampings on the receiver and wood
• German proof mark is intact
• Metal finish and wood stocks are in great condition
Front sight may lean slightly (indexing). Fully adjustable rear sight.

Purchase of the M-1 Garand includes: M-1 Garand rifle, one EN-Bloc (holds 8 rounds), one free Marstar hard case.

We also offer for purchase a selection of highly collectible accessories, including:

• Unopened cleanings kit date stamped 1954: $39.95, see link below.
• 3 different bayonet models with scabbards: for models and pricing, see links below.
• Grenade launcher sights in pouch: $49.95, see link below.
• Additional En-Blocs, see link below.

There is a $25 hand-select fee if you would like us to search for certain features that are important to you.

We will be offering a large assortment of Garand parts later this month, both US M-1 and Italian (T-2).

Pictures from Gunsmith's Own Website:

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