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Originally Posted by Gewehr43 View Post
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Unless Mr McCoy can provide a link or something to these comments, calm down and see what Mr Johnson says directly. We will know shortly the direction the CMP is going in................
You're right that "wait & see" is a better approach, but was expressing irritation @ things read here and there, as well as some indirect remarks overheard while last shopping at the NS.

As far as lobbying the Board to keep the NS open & viable, we might take a lesson from the very dark days of the Clinton years during the AWB, when there was a prevalent antigun mood everywhere.

Funding for the DCM and the operation of the Natl Matches had been cut off in some piece of appropriation bill going thru congress. However, after some rather vocal lobbying by her Port Clinton & NW Ohio constituents, not to mention the NRA & interested Match participants nationwide, Marcy Kaptur, normally a left-liberal on most issues, almost singlehandedly got the funding restored and the Matches continued. Don't like her on most other issues, but she responded to the uproar from this area on the economic impact that suspending the NMs for lack of funding would have had on NW Ohio & the community around Camp Perry.

I realize the specifics of this issue are different, but the gist of the idea is sound - i.e., - lobbying state/federal reps to "send a message" to Bd members that closing the NS isn't a favorably received idea - given that Mr. Johnson serves at the pleasure of the Bd.
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